Wise words from Damian Spaulding

The vision that has spurred us to achieve so much

We are living in a day and age where times are changing at an exponential rate.  Much like how the industrial revolution lead to farmers leaving their farm fields, and the robotics revolution leading to factory workers being replaced in large part by programmable machines, we are now entering into an "age of the arts".

What do I mean by this?

Not too long ago, the most desired industry sectors were those the required great deals of human computing power:
Accountants - And their ability to find a penny in the general ledger of millions of dollars
Doctors - And their ability to memorize all disease states and solutions of said problems
Lawyers - And their ability to memorize cases and presence is across decades of law

These of course are still powerful industry sectors and will still be sought after for quite some time, however even these highly analytical industries will become more "creative" through time.  Very soon computers will be able to process at the speed of the human mind and already can access archives of information held in billions of pages within a tenth of a second.
As a computer programmer, I have personally programmed small forms of artificial intelligence and greatly understand the advantages and the limitations of computer development.
In short: It is easy to teach a computer to "think" by analyzing the 'decision tree' and  then punching out a decision matrix into a software algorithm; however it is extraordinarily difficult to teach a computer to be creative.

In the coming years, just as factory jobs become more programming roles, our positions as human beings in the workplace will be forced to go that of delivering creative solutions for our "world needs" rather than computing them.  For example, we will use our creativity to build impressive architectural designs, while relying on the computers to calculate the "load bearing systems".  We will call a computer in "real time" to find records in  law cases as we argue as a lawyer creatively solving the needs of our client and our case.
Those that can understand the arts and leverage their creative mind through daily processes will win in a very large way in our future work and social environments.

Realizing this, the Spaulding Method and all associated Spaulding Schools specialize in training you in how to use our mind creatively and highly effectively.  The Spaulding Method is designed for the next millennium and we are excited to be a part of your personal journey, as well as the developmental journey of our planet.

- Damian Spaulding

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