Business Partnerships

Working together makes all the difference

Business Partnerships

With tens of thousands of business transactions happening every day in Simcoe County, local businesses have the ability to greatly impact lives through Spaulding School of The Arts and our business partnership program.

Here’s How it Works:

Your local business connects to Spaulding School of The Arts by committing to contribute $1 or even $100 from every transaction made through your business for a set period of time. Through that time the Spaulding team will do our absolute best to promote your business through our website, social and media exposures. This win-win scenario offers your business greater exposure in our community, while we of course gain directly from your benevolent contributions to our vision and the youth in our region. Is this not the best fundraising idea you have ever heard?

During this process we will also send you flags / posters or whatever you choose in order to share your pride in your contribution to our cause. Together we can be the Heart Behind The Art in Spaulding Ontario.

Thank you for joining in our journey:

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