A little goes a long way

Help us duoble the mileage of every dollar raised

A little goes a long way

Help encourage our community to contribute to our vision by showing your support through community dollar matching. 
Through this program you can contribute anywhere between $100 to $10M by committing to contribute dollar for dollar, every dollar raised by members in our community.

Through this program you specify when your contributions start and end as well as what the ceiling of funds raised will be. Every little bit counts when doubling fundraising dollars. For example, if only ten individuals committed to doubling our raised funds up to $1M dollars, with only raising $1M as a community, 100% of establishment costs would be met.

Now it does not take a commitment of a million dollars to make this venture work. By sharing the journey with us even to matching $100, we will meet all of our goals quickly and easily.

All contributors that choose to participate will have the option of being memorialized in our facility through large plaques and memorial systems.

Thank you for contributing to changing lives through Spaulding School of The Arts.

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