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Philanthropic giving makes a difference

Philanthropic giving is what first made the Spaulding School of The Arts Day School program possible.  Local investors that had a heart for the arts and impacting our youth gave freely to begin our project and such giving continues till this day.

If you are in a position where you would like to give philanthropically and receive in-kind the benefits of:

- Tax Savings

- High-level community exposure

- Real Estate returns and safe investment

- Brand awareness or development in the region

- Benefits of being directly associated with one of the top educators in the region

- Knowing that you have impacted our youth and the generations to come

Then we look forward to creating a custom profile that suit your specific needs.  If you have a contribution ceiling ranging from one dollar to the millions of dollars, our fund-raising and community development team has expertise in making the perfect plan for you. 

Some common philanthropic approach that we have found quite successful are implementations like:
1) Direct contributions from Foundations to our associated Not For Profit Charity:
2) Dollar Matching approaches where dollars from concert, galas and other events are matched by you or your group
3) Direct contributions that sponsor specific children or families at Spaulding School of The Arts
4) General contributions toward real estate, operating costs, start up costs etc.

Recognition can and will be arranged as you desire dependant upon sponsorship level as well.  These recognitions can include but are not limited to:
Press mentions
Video mentions
Plaques and awards
Special scholarships in your name or the name of your group
Performance facilities in your name or the name of your group
Title sponsorship on billboard, bulletins and other communication

Social networking features

Mailing list features
Title sponsorship on banners and other communication

Because the Spaulding School of The Arts administrative structures are based on a shamrock approach where Not For Profit Charites combine with both operating entities as well as real estate entities,  almost any structure, benefit or arrangement can be facilitated. 

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Sponsor A Child
Sharing and Caring

Sponsor A Child

Children Going To School

Sponsor a child directly.  Get to see your direct impact in our community

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Sharing and Caring

Donor Wall
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Community Dollar Matching

Community Fund Raising

One of the best ways to impact as well as motivate our community is by our dollar matching programs. Though these high-exposure programs we all can raise awareness as well as raise funds together.

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Business Partnerships

Retail Business Partnership - Fund Raising

Business partnerships bring a mutually beneficial relationships to the Spaulding School of The Arts.  Drawing the best of community giving together with community exposure. 

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