The Spaulding Method
An approach like none other

The Spaulding Method

Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method successfully empowers a student to learn through a “Student Lead” learning approach. The Spaulding Method has been specially designed over the last 20 years to leverage how the brain naturally works. It succeeds in condensing mountains of information in ways that student can gain knowledge quickly and easily. The Spaulding Method is now becoming the new standard of education in art.
The Spaulding Method 100% molds to the learning style of each student whether that student be visual, auditory, kinesthetic or learning challenged in any way and has been proven to take students farther and with better retention than any other teaching style in existence today.
Each school implements the Spaulding Method in ways that are specifically geared to each discipline. To learn more about the Spaulding Method please view more information on each school's page. Contact Us


Our Philosophy

Read more about the philosophy behind the Spaulding Method.

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Part 1: The Beginning

Central Highschool Barrie Spaulding Story

The Spaulding Central Story outlines the epic journey it took to build the regions most innovate art school.  From the high exposure, high stakes and high pressure realities to the lows in the project ranging from financial restrictions, joint venture failures and more.  Our “bare all” story is bound to captivate you

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