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Sponsor A Child

Give and sponsor a child

You know the positive impact Spaulding will continue to have in our community and the lives of our youth; but your children are all grown up or you did not have children of your own. Now is your chance to impact the life of a child that truly needs the education approaches found within Spaulding School of The Arts who’s parents would need a subsidy to enroll them in our school. 

Through our “Sponsor A Child program”, you will be able to set a sponsorship amount ranging form tens to hundreds of dollars a month in order to help offset the costs of our school to a family in need. Guaranteed, you will positively change a life right here in our community. Please fill out one of the following forms to let us know that you would like to sponsor a child and we will connect you to a family or group of families right away.
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Sponsor A Child

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness

We rely on members of our community to continue to raise awareness about the engaging events an achievements Spaulding makes in our region.  We can’t do it without you

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Team work

Our fundraising initiatives are exciting events that give to our community while we raise funds for our very worthy cause.  We would love your help. 

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Private Partner Contact

Private Partner

Become a private partner with the Spaulding School of The Arts

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Philanthropic giving makes a difference

Philanthropic donations is truly the most powerful way to impact the Spalding School of The Arts.  Ranging from donations for operating expenses, real-estate acquisitions and the like.  All support by our not for profit partner

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